Two of Wands

"Nothing can dim the light which shines from within" - Maya Angelou

Element of fire power: The Two of Wands indicates a strong sense of pioneer-ship, of steering towards a new space of mind and position in your life, embracing harmony of the forces of creative fire in your heart. It is an important card when we consider our personal freedom and what we may have to choose to get there. It is also a reflection of how we live with ourselves, how we either give over our power or how we take our power back.

This card indicates that it is our state of mind that contributes to what we are creating in our experiences daily. There's harmony unfolding around us in the way that we decide it to be. Everything goes according to plan. It is the most natural state for a healthy human being. The fact that we have to struggle so hard to achieve it, and then maintain it, is more a comment on the type of life we lead than anything else.

When we can bring ourselves in harmony with the forces of our Universe, achieving our dreams becomes far more possible than at any other time. We attain harmony when we are centered and at ease with ourselves.

Question: Which tasks and situations are challenges to you?

Careful planning is always important when this card comes up. There is a need to create order for your future so that you know where to go. It's also important to make peace with any uncertainty or confusion that may still be in your thoughts. These actions will ensure that nothing interferes with the flow of your own will in the Universe.

What do you command in your life path?

Focus all your energy and concentrate on the courage necessary to embark on new paths. Whatever extreme changes may occur along the way, adopting the will of a pioneer will prevent you from being thrown off balance. When you accept differences and apparent conflicts, solutions become clear and you see the way to resolve matters to secure the expected outcome.

At times of imbalance: You may be too scattered in your thoughts, due to being overly charged in your fire power. Take time to gather focus, even if you have to step away from that focus for now.

Medicine: When you are in a challenging situation, sit upright and comfortably. Breathe deeply into your abdomen. Wait until your breathing flows gently and calmly and you feel quite relaxed. Now visualize the situation at hand. See yourself dealing with it while remaining centered. Pay attention to centering.

If you're in contact with your center, you are certain to master the situation. Trust your energy. Don't go for any false compromises!

Mantra: I find the strength I need now in my center.