Three of Wands

The Three of Wands calls forth a sense of abundance, success, of being grounded in the moment, and seeing the big picture.

It addresses focus, trust, and fearlessness and requires you to dream big and be aware that you are well-equipped make your dreams come true.

It indicates foresight, an increase in vibration and leadership - in an honest and just way. It is also a card of growth, progress, high energy and attraction.

The Three of Wands denotes intuition and focus of attention. It also symbolizes spiritual growth, self-realization, and remembering who you are - an infinite Being made of love! This card is deliciously wrapped up in love, oh the love. Can you feel it?

You are being called on to accept yourself for who you are and to remember the power you hold deep inside you. It is time to release all fear-based beliefs and trust in your soul, trust in the Divine power from which you are made. Become fearless, unshakable, and feel your power rise up from within.

This card also reminds you to stay grounded, rooted, connected to the Earth you walk on. In addition, you are to remain connected to the universe, allowing the power of ALL to flow through you! Feel it moving into the crown of your head and out your feet, connecting to the center of the earth and then back up through you, moving to the center of the universe. Let this energy move through you, move with you. Go with this flow; it will take you where you want to go. Be open to explore the possibilities; they are endless.

The Three of Wands is derived from the Empress who brings with her abundance and great success. Riches on every level, especially those that fill your heart with love and light! Your ship is coming in. Can you see it? You are moving into a new space, expanding yourself more than you thought possible.

However, this card assures you that you will renew and expand in a way that is balanced and fulfilling. Allow for down time, meditation, and restoration. Your capacity to rise above everything and see the overall picture is expanding as well, as is your ability to focus your attention in order to direct energy to where you want it to go. Where do you want your energy to go? Be clear and the path will unfold with effortless ease.

The Three of Wands also reminds you to remain detached, to act inside of love and let go of fear, especially fear regarding a lack or scarcity! There is no such thing. The universe is abundant and so are you! Allow yourself to receive!

The big picture for you is to choose love in everything you do. When you consciously choose love then you are acting in your highest Self for your ultimate good and the ultimate good of everyone. Choose love, be here now as love! Love is the answer to all your questions. Let love be your guiding force!

Today's Meditation:

Get comfortable, be relaxed, focus on your breathing. Think of something or someone who brings to you the feeling of love. Allow that feeling to take you over.

Fill your Self up with love. Fill your Self up with love! Fill your Self up with love! Stay with this feeling of love for 10-15 minutes (20 if you can).

When you come out of this meditation take a moment and make a choice to carry this love with you for the rest of the day. If you move into a space where the fear rises in you, simply step back and choose love!

For extra credit do this meditation for 3 days! See where it takes you. Enjoy!