Three of Wands

When the Three of Wands appears, you likely carry an optimistic look for your future plans.

These plans are well-grounded in real practicalities. You have been through enough of life challenges, failures, and successes to now navigate yourself very well.

You use excellent skills and astute wisdom to create positive, healthy realities. You attend to the creation of these realities in a variety of arenas: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

You don't expect perfection or anything unattainable. You have a creation in mind that will be generated well.

The Three of Wands indicates that you have ideals which are in reach. You maintain positive clarity and intention regarding your goal. You have a plan to obtain that goal. You easily change gears or strategies when your route is challenged since you already expect challenges in any life endeavor.

Your heart feels light, yet solid. You have gone through enough heartache to keep your tranquility based on your devotion rather than your expectation. You maintain balance with good discernment. You have developed a knack of knowing whom to trust and whom not to trust. Thus, your support system and implementation team is well-chosen.

Your goal is a positive contribution to the planet. It is clear. It will assist others in time. It is not based on ego, power, or manipulation. It is service-oriented in some way, even if this way is indirect. This is healthy.

You don't separate yourself from your endeavor. You expect yourself to maintain the physical, emotional, and mental health this endeavor reflects. You keep yourself in good standing with others too.

Do you feel secure with your plans? Do you trust that you can handle any challenges ahead as you carry out these plans? Do seek counsel but ultimately turn within when any outside predator tries to disrupt?

This is the Three of Wands consciousness. You can count on yourself so you can count on completing what you set out to do regardless of how long it takes.

If you have been fighting the Three of Wands consciousness, you don't yet know how to use the tools required for success with ease. This is not bad or wrong by any means. This only indicates that you have some learning to do.

Your trials and errors may contain uncomfortable growing pains, but will lead you to better skills in time. Be patient with yourself. All of us go through some awkward growing phases.

The Three of Wands is a card of matured idealism grounded in a clear sense of what is really possible.


What are the three most important criteria for what you are creating?


Focus on how good the heart feels to initiate a path with comfortable confidence.