Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands is a card of burdens, all burdens, including the physical, emotional, spiritual and financial. When it appears in a reading, be prepared for life to become a lot more taxing. You may have less free time, an increased workload, and possibly the need to commit yourself to clearing matters which have been left unattended for too long. In short it is highly likely you will be feeling overwhelmed, not able to see a clear route to success or freedom, and the weight of the world will seem to bear down upon you.

It would serve you well to delegate tasks as best you can as the Ten of Wands often precedes a period of illness instigated by exhaustion. Unsurprisingly, it is not uncommon to see the Ten of Wands show in the readings of new parents who are floundering under the new mountain of tasks they have to master. Business owners also receive this card to signify an arduous workload as well as the obligation of debts and loans they are struggling to pay back.

In the Rider Waite deck a lone figure is depicted buckling under the weight of having to bear his ten wands. His gaze is firmly fixed on the wands and moreover he cannot see past them as they obscure his entire view, thus reflecting both that he is overburdened but also single-minded in his pursuit of accomplishing the task at hand. In the distant horizon a welcoming cottage is depicted, proffering hope that these travails will not be in vain.

In a love reading the Ten of Wands is not a positive sign. It reveals that you or your partner view the relationship as bringing more problems than benefits and that it is beginning to have adverse effects on the pair of you. It speaks of seemingly never-ending hard work with any hope of a breakthrough appearing to be far in the distance. In terms of feelings, the Ten of Wands confirms that your partner is attached to you and does have feelings for you but at times these feelings become burdensome and overwhelming. This card can also potentially highlight insecurity and that either you or your partner are holding on far too tightly to one another.

In a work and career reading, the Ten of Wands signifies having more on your schedule than you can handle. You are making progress but it is happening too slowly. You may feel that there is no end in sight to the list of things you have to do, people to repay, skills to learn, and people to please. Occasionally it can signify that you are expending your energy in the wrong areas and may perhaps be giving too much away for free or overextending yourself needlessly. Re-evaluate your priorities and look at how you can channel your resources more successfully.

Positive Aspects: a happy end in sight provided you are consistent in your efforts, sustained commitment

Negative Aspects: debts, burdens, imminent physical illness, hectic schedule, troubles, clinginess, dissipation of reserves