Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands is a card about feeling burdened and/or overextended.

Oft times we hold onto burdens we shouldn't be holding onto, like when we take on the sole responsibility of trying to make a relationship work. If this is the case here, you need to release that burden and go back to focusing on yourself. Leave room for the other person to step up. And if they don't, you are already on the path to preserving yourself. Never feel like you have to twist yourself into knots to make love work.

As far as other burdens go...

Sometimes we find ourselves in hard situations where we need to take on the task of caring for others, especially those who are ill. Sometimes this makes us feel like we are under water and can't come up for air during these times. This is never easy.

It's always important to remember that you take a time out for yourself, so that you can keep going and are actually able to be effective, without losing all of your center of gravity in the process. Again, you are helping the other person by allowing yourself a break so you can be present.

Sometimes we feel burdened by guilt from our past. If this is the case, if you cannot reach out for forgiveness, learn to forgive yourself. You are human. Focus on today and moving forward tomorrow.

Do not define yourself by a moment from your past anymore. Release it. Who you are tomorrow depends on the choices you make today about yourself. And you can make that choice based on something from your past that feels like a wound, or you can choose to do something that helps make you move forward and heal.

As far as feeling burdened by being overextended with others...

We've all been caught in situations where we forget how to say “no." This card is saying if you are feeling taxed beyond belief socially, start saying "no." If you are being taxed beyond belief at work with your workload, see if you can allocate some of it to others so you are able to feel a bit of relief.