Ten of Wands

“The highest activity a human being can attain is learning for understanding, because to understand is to be free.” - Spinoza

Element of fire power: The Ten of Wands suggests repressed feelings and energy held back. You may have taken on an extra burden or greater responsibility. It is suggested that at this time you may be struggling to accommodate this heavy load of responsibility. You are urged to understand that it is only temporary, but if you are willing to put in effort to accomplish your goal, you will reap the rewards in the end. Perseverance is needed for this part of your journey.

The Ten of Wands also indicates that you are in control for the most part of the bundle or responsibility that you are carrying, but your fear may cause you to drop or slip up on this responsibility. The key is to become aware that you can also ask for help, without expecting the other to take over your responsibility. This situation requires your energy and your effort to see it through.

You are also urged to open up, to know that it is safe to do so, for help and support to come in and to light your way. In this part of your life path communication is needed to allow the creative energy to flow again. This creative energy is a vital energy that builds your reality. Be mindful of hidden fears in this regard, as this can stunt your creative outlet.

The Ten of Wands may also remind you to take control of your fears. Fear often hides within the sheer size of the burden, the pathway. If you have fears of rejection when you ask for help and support, you may unknowingly slow down your own process of your soul path. It is very important that you remember your inner power. No burden can be so big that you simply can not access that magical fire that helps you to process your daily dramas effortlessly.

This is a step toward taking responsibility for yourself and freeing yourself from certain elements that have restricted you, be they internal and or external.

Look at it this way; whether you are consciously repressing yourself or not, you still need to take that plunge forward, the one step that helps you to recognize that there is much more which you would like to express, experience, enjoy and celebrate. Dare!

Ask yourself if there are some things you have always wanted to say to certain people. What are those things and who are those people? You can, for the time being, just for yourself, express those things right now!

At times of Imbalance: Repressed energies turn into irritation, rage and violence. If this aggression finds no external outlet, you may turn inward and bottle up becoming reactive. Remember to breathe and to not take everything personally.

Medicine: The Ten of Wands indicates a will to express what has been blocked by fear. See this card as an invitation. Recognize that you may even be unaware of stifling your own creative impulse. End your repression and restriction of your personal creation.

Mantra: I have the right to be free from destructive thoughts towards myself.