Six of Wands

The Six of Wands is a card of conquest. It predicts a period of resounding success in your life where you will be highly regarded by your peers and fully supported by your loved ones.

The trials of the Five of Wands are over, and you have successfully vanquished your obstacles and foes alike. Privately and publicly you will receive accolades and this is a time where you will be riding the crest of accomplishments.

The publicity aspect of the Six of Wands is rather important, because this is a card of achievements recognised by the outside world and as such it may bring new opportunities, new acquaintances, and the chance to be front and center in the public eye. Monetary concerns are also swept aside by this card. It can be the case that recognition does not always equate with financial success; however with the Six of Wands, you are reassured that you will be well remunerated for your talents.

With this card, however, we also encounter issues of ego, grandiosity, and pride. In the negative aspect of this card we may start thinking too highly of ourselves, paying far too much heed to the praise we receive, become infatuated with our intellect and accomplishments, and may display callous indifference to the feelings of others. Needless to say, such behaviour can have deleterious consequences on relationships, both private and professional. Therefore if the Six of Wands appears in its negative manifestation, be conscious to rein in your vanity and make a concerted effort to acquaint yourself with humility when appropriate.

In the Rider Waite deck we can see a military character triumphantly riding through a throng of supporters who all welcome this hero who has presumably returned from battle victorious. His upright strong posture is indicative of his confidence and the staff he holds, decorated with a wreath of bay laurel, is displayed prominently as a trophy. In Ancient Roman times, laurel leaves were not only a symbol of education, intellect and wisdom, they were also representative of power, hence the phrase "not to rest on one's laurels."

In a love reading the Six of Wands is not a positive card to receive as it is a card of individual achievement and success and not of emotions or partnership. It indicates that you or your partner are highly egotistical and more concerned with collecting admirers and treating your love interests as trophies. If this card appears representing your person of interest's feelings towards you, beware, as it warns that they adore attention and are chiefly concerned with the thrill of the chase and are not in the mindset for a committed connection. It can also reveal a superiority complex, that your person of interest thinks that they can do better than what you can offer them. If, however, you are in a love triangle, this card may predict that you will defeat your opposition and emerge victorious along with the object of your affection in tow.

In a work or career reading, the prognosis is much more encouraging as it signifies being publicly recognised for your achievements. You may even be the recipient of an award and become recognised as a leader in your field. If you are currently encountering obstacles and delays or perhaps even fierce competition, the Six of Wands appears as a sign of encouragement; if you persevere, you will have victory.

Positive Aspects: success, recognition, awards, support, confidence, successfully surmounting obstacles, beating the competition, achievement, financial success.

Negative Aspects: pride, arrogance, vanity, treating lovers as mere conquests, emotional detachment, self-absorption, dismissive attitude