Seven of Wands

When the Seven of Wands shows up, it is an indication that you will never give up.

Though financial, relational, emotional, and physical challenge could have stopped you, you endured. Though others' envy could have shamed you, caused you to pause in your pursuits, you persevered.

Endurance ultimately brings success.

You have been true to your endeavor. You are tenacious, relentless, certain of what matters to you. Others have given up along the way. Some have encouraged you to quit. Challenges that disrupted your life in every way showed up. What did you do? You continued.

You will succeed. You are not there yet, but keep going. Assure yourself that you are good. Your intention is clearly benevolent. Your way of moving in this world is thoughtful and considerate. Carry on with your plans. You will arrive.

Sometimes you feel all alone. You are your main cheerleader. You depend on your own bravery more than anything. Compassion is offered to you from nature and animals. Look for that.

Find a trusted friend who will understand your plight. Share with that person. Let your tenderness be known.

The Seven of Wands contains enormous personal strength. People operating with this consciousness ultimately impress and inspire others. Those who judge you along the way can't help but notice the results of your courage in time. You are certain of yourself for good reason. You are guided from within. Help does show up in unexpected ways again and again.

Though bouts with poor self-esteem have come when others have criticized you, over time these people have been a catalyst for your self-love. You learn to stand for what you believe while tenderly embracing yourself with warmth.

Your life becomes a balance of faith and compassion from making the choice to persevere again and again. You extend this sweetly yet quietly to others. You are very giving with your perceptions.

Are you feeling it takes everything you have to keep going? Do you keep going anyway? The strength will come back on you in many ways. Rewards will eventually shower upon you. Right now, while you use maximum effort, make sure to give yourself good health habits and plenty of rest. In this challenging time you need to take extra care of your body.

If you are struggling against The Seven of Wands consciousness, you are about to give up too soon! Triumph will come. Don't let go now.

The Seven of Wands indicates that you vote for what you believe in and never give up. In time, you will succeed.


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