Nine of Wands

“People who lack the clarity, courage, or determination to follow their own dreams will often find ways to discourage yours. Live your truth and don't EVER stop!” - Steve Maraboli

Element of fire power: The Nine of Wands reminds you to trust that you are facing a test and to ‘grit’ through the uphill battle now. You are reminded about resiliency and know that every time you overcome an obstacle, that you are getting stronger. You have the inner resources necessary to overcome any difficulty you encounter, even though it may seem impossible at the time.

See this Nine as an assurance that you will eventually prosper if you maintain your position and, if you do not succeed at first, then try again. You are reminded that you have hidden unconscious powers or hidden powers that eventually become visible through the light of the consciousness. Latent powers are awakened and can be applied toward a purpose.

Recognizing these unused potentials sets free more energies which are experienced as new and unusual. It is an internal strength that grows with every new challenge. The force of this new-found strength banishes the darkness of ignorance. When the unconscious becomes visible, we are faced with many things that we avoid looking at. Knowing what we have avoided can produce fear of some sort, the fear of feeling painful wounds that we've covered up and hoped to forget.

There may also simply be fear of your own yet unproven strength which reaches into all areas of your life. Reorganization is needed. After you reorganize these strengths you will grow along with any task at hand. You will experience your energy as going far beyond the boundaries you thought existed. This is a key experience, the beginning of a far-reaching inner and outer unfolding of your potential.

You are in the process of discovering your real strength. Trust your inner guide! You may want to take part in groups which can help you develop and unfold your potential. Question yourself by asking if you are afraid of your own strength. In what areas in your life does this fear come up? Pay attention to your dreams at this time.

The Nine of Wands invites you to find your supporters, those who will protect you from the ongoing challenges and cheer you on to the finish line. Even if others oppose you, you have many more people who support your cause.

Let them help you.

At times of Imbalance: This card may also come up when you feel battered and bruised. You are in the middle of the hurricane, you have endured significant challenges and struggles along your path. Just when you think you are making progress, you suffer another setback.

Medicine: The Nine of Wands encourages you to keep pushing. This is your final challenge before you reach your goal, so don’t let go of your hopes and dreams. Stand firm!

Mantra: Daily I develop my inner strength.