Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands rides in filled with excitement, passion, and ready to take on the world.

This Knight is a card of fire, creativity, and inspiration. He represents the solutions, the actions and the strength you need at this time and assures you that you have them all!

The element of fire also represents the growth of Self and the need to remember who you truly are.

Wands represent business, advancement, energy, and glory. They align with the element of fire, relate to summer and taking charge of one's life. They speak to intuitive wisdom and yield powerful energies that can be directed anywhere. They also represent willpower and self-reflection, hold authority and command action.

Knights usually speak to the middle stages of something; life, a project, etc. They represent a more mature outlook, and are typically searching, questioning, or on a quest. The Knight of Wands is ready for action. He shouts, "Seize the moment, follow your intuition, and follow your star"

This Knight is steadfast and true, full of confidence and energy, ready to help all who may need a hand. He is setting forth for adventure, fueled by the fires of creativity. He has released all fear, or at least has the capacity to move through it. He has a brave heart and is sly like a fox.

The Knight of Wands can indicate different things. He can speak to work-related projects, to a person entering your life, or about you - where you are, who you are, and what action is needed to progress. He could be speaking to all of the above. His appearance bodes well for your work, career, or schooling. He represents the creative force rising up and taking action. He reminds you to follow your heart, do what you love. When your heart and your work energy are in-sync, all the doors start to open.

This is a time of great success. You are on path, full steam ahead! Let your inner voice guide you and remember to incorporate mediation into your daily life. This will keep you balanced and focused. The Knight of Wands can be known to act without thinking, which when you are balanced and in the flow, works beautifully. However, when your creative energy is scattered, you lose focus and things tend to fall by the wayside.

If you have this new force that just rode into your life full throttle, your energy may feel a bit low and bring forth a case of "who are you, are you for real, or this is too good to be true?" Step back and get still, tap into your intuitive wisdom and ask for clarity. See what feels light and what feels heavy. If it feels light it is your truth. This very well could be the love you have called in. Finding out will definitely take you out of your comfort zone, which is a good thing. You are growing, and however this person plays out in your life, you will expand and open your Self up to what is possible.

What else is possible? Could all your dreams be coming true? Why not; are you ready? Follow your heart, listen to your intuition, and trust you are safe. Go for it! It will take you somewhere new and doors are opening!

If you are feeling the energy of this Knight in your body, yay! Hold your head high, wave your wand, it's magic; what do you want to create? This is your time, your time to get big, beautiful, and shine as bright as you were meant to. You can do it. Charge!

Look around and help those in need; this will only help you grow. Know in your heart that everything you do is for the greater good of everyone! You have the solutions to any and all obstacle within you. Listen. Your intuitive wisdom is telling you the answers. Can you hear?

Adventure is calling, be a pioneer. Just remember to integrate balance and stillness in all your fire. Meditate and stay focused, clear, at peace with your path. You are not attached to the outcome because you know it is all Divine and it is all perfect. Find your joy, live your joy, be your joy! Follow your heart, follow your star, and remember you are the star!

Jump. Do not be scared; you are in good hands. The Universe will catch you, always and forever!

Today's Meditation:

Find a sweet, quiet space, step inside. Set a timer for 10-20 minutes, especially if you are on a schedule. Get still, soften, relax. Bring your attention into your breath and the beating of your heart.

Silently to yourself, or out loud, repeat the words: "I create the life of my dreams. I have the power."

When your timer goes off, release your mantra and be still for as long as you can. Feel your power, your creative force. Enjoy!