Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands symbolizes someone who is charming, adventurous and passionate. It can also signify romantic flings motivated by physical attraction, and quick comings and goings.

In its advice form, and usually when I pull it, it is a symbol to SLOW DOWN. Do not act hastily, because it will not serve you, and you will not get the results that you desire.

Typically, it comes up for relationships where another party needs time to build up a proper foundation of trust and connection to move forward.

This card can also denote someone who is out for a good time, and not looking for anything serious. If this is something you are okay with, then there is nothing wrong with just having a good time.

But if you are putting yourself in the position of having feelings, and continuously hoping, while blocking out other prospects who may be open and ready, have the respect for yourself to put on the brakes and seek out what truly fits for you.

If this card has to do with work, or anything else, it is again is telling you to take your time. If you are a runner, you know that too much too soon will result in injury. Same with everything else if you aren't careful. Take your time, center yourself, so you are acting with clarity, and not hastiness.

Also, speaking of hastiness, especially in decision making, step back, ESPECIALLY if you find yourself angry. While some decisions made in anger, are necessary, oft times we jump to conclusions because of bruised egos, or because of triggers from our past. Breathe, reflect, THEN decide.