King of Wands

The King of Wands effervesces with passion in both his personal and professional life. Traditionally, this card is associated with the fire element and mature gentlemen whose star signs are Leo, Aries, or Sagittarius.

He excels in his hobbies and creative pursuits and it is not uncommon to find this man wearing the suit of a CEO in his working life, but as his work commitments draw to a close, he invests a great deal of effort in his more artistic talents.

Through his hobbies, the King of Wands has amassed a great number of friends and he is steadfastly devoted to them, sometimes at the expense of his romantic life. This is a character who knows precisely what he wants and will set out to achieve his goals at all costs. At times this can be perceived as selfishness or egotism, and in the lower aspects of the King of Wands, this would be true. However, it can also be seen as a positive as too many people allow fear of failure or judgement hold them back.

The King of Wands does not care for the constraints of other people and their opinions. In his highest manifestation, he is a brilliant, ingenious visionary, with determination and perseverance in abundant quantities. Confidence is a defining trait of this King and he can be very persuasive: because of this, others tend to look up to him as a leader. Regardless of whether his views are right or wrong, he has the panache to talk his way through any situation.

The King of Wands is also autodidactic. He may not be formally educated, but here we have an individual who is willing to put in the effort to learn things without guidance and is the epitome of a "self-starter." His confidence in his intellectual capabilities may go a little too far and he may take credit for the work of others. You would do well not to allow him to take advantage of you in this way.

One negative aspect of the King of Wands, even in his highest aspect, is his tendency to be intransigent in his ways. If this King thinks his viewpoint is correct, you will have a very hard time convincing him otherwise and you may encounter some bruised egos because of this.

In the Rider Waite deck the King of Wands is shown wearing a red tunic, red being the colour associated with the sacral chakra which is the seat of desire and creativity. The imagery of salamanders on his cloak and on his throne symbolise his transformative powers since in old lore salamanders were said to be birthed from flames. The single wand he holds as though it were a staff is a symbol of his authoritative nature, and the leaves beginning to sprout indicates the birth of creative projects. The crown he wears appears to be aflame, hinting at his passionate and at times impulsive nature.

In a love reading the King of Wands, can indicate a good life partner, provided he feels as though you are worthy of his attention. The King of Wands generally remains unmarried for some time and will only relinquish his bachelorhood for a woman whom he feels meets all his criteria. This man has high standards and is not ashamed of this fact. When he is at his best, he is an incredibly loyal, protective, and responsible partner who will put the needs of his family first. One negative about this King is his habit of being autocratic in his attitude. He truly sees himself as master of the house, meaning that he tends to fixate only on his way of seeing things. If you have strong convictions which clash with his, be warned: there could be some interesting verbal altercations on the horizon. In terms of pure feelings, if the King of Wands appears in your reading, this indicates that your person of interest views you as a sexual conquest rather than a life partner and he is more concerned with his friends and hobbies.

In a work or career related reading if the King of Wands represents you, it signifies that you are seen as a leader, at the top of your profession and are an inexhaustible source of creativity. Frequently this card foretells public recognition for your enterprises. If this card does not represent you, then you will meet a male individual with these characteristics who may be of assistance to you. If the King of Wands shows as a negative in a career reading, it can warn you that you need to pay attention to the mundane aspect of your work and that bravado and charm are good, but more practical concerns should also be attended to.

Positive Aspects: creative, charming, self-taught, many talents and hobbies, persuasive, leader, persistent, determined, highly intelligent

Negative Aspects: arrogant, impulsive, demanding, oversexed, non-committal attitude