King of Wands

The King of Wands is creative, nourishing, fulfilled living.

This King is a very warm and loving, innovative and creative, trustworthy and blessed as a graced creator!

Either you are embodying this aspect of consciousness, or someone vitally important and close to you is.

Life is a warm productive hug.

You, or your king-mate, have completed the yearning, heart-breaking seeking. You have arrived in fullness. You generate all you seek.

Your vision is trustworthy, fully-generated by the universal flow. You are way past concern with what is fair, right, better, or worse from an egocentric, fear-based discussion lens. You left the paradigms of fear a while back.

You know what you are, how to participate in creation that is harmonious, and live like an ethereal permaculturist, planting in life's abundance. Simultaneously you are planted in this nurturing arena as though you are a well-tended plant yourself, nourished by divine nectar always!

While very few in your life have a clue about how you are what you are, do what you do, or know of all the heavenly secrets revealed to you, you are content. You do not need anyone's approval or understanding these days.

However, your queen understands you for she has very similar gifts! Everyone else is happy around you. They want a hit of whatever you are. People gather around you to drink in the manna!

Do you feel fully trusting as you create, free from doubt and aware of life's absolute goodness? Is your faith so deeply a part of your blood that you need not contemplate the word “faith"? In other words, you are faith itself. Bet you never thought of yourself in this way.

You are deeply steeped in all you give and trust, so defining yourself spiritually never occurs to you. You are complete. You are the fullness every spiritual path talks about. Yum. Delicious. Life is good!

You love your mate and your mate loves you. Listening, thoughtfulness, service to each other comes naturally. Kindness is your shared norm.

If none of this has happened yet, you are preparing.

If you cannot see the path to this King's consciousness, you feel fully discombobulated. You have unplugged yourself from the source. You are confused, possibly feeling insane. Get some help. Get checked physically and emotionally. Sometimes emotional confusion comes from a physical toxin.

The King of Wands is a complete, nourished being whole onto himself. He generates this goodness, with zero ego motivation, into life itself, a mate and many others.


Continue to enjoy the experience of wellness on all levels.


Your heart is your meditation which already runs your life. MMMMMM. Good.