King of Wands

The King of Wands represents a lively, friendly and charismatic man with vibrant energy. He is ambitious, open, and confident.

If this King represents an admirer he will not hold back in letting you know his intentions.

However, this can also represent a man who is not available, an affair or a one night stand.

This King can be quite an imposing figure; he is usually in charge, has responsibility, makes decisions for others and will toil endlessly for a cause that he considers worthy of his time and talent.

There may occasionally be times however when this man becomes set in his ways and it will be necessary to challenge his decisions - no man is always right, not even the King of Wands!

You may recognise this energy in yourself or someone else. The message here is to pay close attention to what someone does, and make sure that it matches what they are saying. Talk is easy, action takes work.