Four of Wands

The Four of Wands calls forth a time of celebration, a time to rejoice and be grateful for all that has come to pass. It speaks to completion, success, and a new chapter that springs from your efforts and dedication.

This is a time to truly be happy. Happiness is your birth right, and the Four of Wands is reminding you that you deserve to be filled with joy, to have fun with your life and to let your playful side come out and lead the way.

The Four of Wands has shown up as your affirmation. You are on path, and it is awesome! You have been setting up your life by design and it is time to enjoy all that you have created. Take a step back and look at what you have done! You have come a long way, baby. Let it feel good. It is in this feeling good that you raise your vibration even higher and call in more deliciousness to you.

This card indicates stepping into the big time and owning your power with love and compassion. Your story is unfolding and you are at the helm of this ship. Adventure is calling and you are ready. Where will it take you?

The Four of Wands is also requiring you to release all your doubts, to dive deep into the love, and trust that all of this is happening for your highest good only! You are expanding, your light is shining bright; keep it up!

Anytime your doubts creep in, step back and mindfully choose love. When your mind begins to make up stories of "what if...", switch your perspective and really focus on the here and now. If you have to make up stories, make up good ones. Visualize where you want to go and let go of the rest.

You are light and love. You deserve to have all of your dreams come true. You deserve to be happy, you are worthy of love and you live in abundance. The Four of Wands requires you to know this, to be this, to live this with all that you are. Love is your essence; no matter how far your mind may wander, you are never separate from it. Choose love.

If you have a question regarding love, this card speaks to trusting in the love. You are ready, it is time. Celebrate the love that surrounds you by always remembering to love yourself first and foremost. The love you give yourself is the love you call in. Remember, sweet soul, the love you seek is seeking you as well. Trust in love, choose love. This is your affirmation. You are safe, you are surrounded; move forth from your heart. Let love be your guide! When in doubt ask yourself, "what would love do?" Then do that! Love is the answer to all the questions. Choose love.

Today's Meditation:

Step into your sacred space. Set your timer.

Focus your attention on your breath and your heart.

Get grounded in this moment. It is all there is. Soften and relax.

Repeat the words: "I am open to receive the beauty life has for me. There is beauty within me and all around me."

When your timer goes off, just be still for as long as you can. Listen, pay attention to how you feel, be an observer. When you are ready, make a mindful choice to carry this feeling with you for the rest of the day!

Feel the beauty that you are!