Five of Wands

The Five of Wands indicates chaotic fighting that is actually harmless. Pent-up energy has caused a group of people to fight like kids.

However, nobody really desires to harm anyone else so nobody is harmed. The situation is more like a comical sitcom.

Sometimes Five of Wands consciousness erupts from lack of good listening.

Imagine a room in which five people are arguing with one another all at the same time. Nobody hears anyone else. Everyone quickly screams out, back and forth, to get their point heard.

A bystander listening to all the viewpoints will realize that there is no disagreement. The members of the group are actually very compatible.

In a group situation, each person has the intention to actualize his or her own agenda.

If the group members would sit down in a circle, give each person a turn to talk, validate one others' views, and proceed from there, conflicts could be avoided. It would also help prevent group infighting if members took more time to express appreciation for one another outside of meetings.

Pent-up energy needs physical outlets also. Maybe all of the group members need some exercise. What about a group trip to go canoeing, skiing, sailing, swimming, hiking, biking or anything else that each member enjoys. Maybe you will split into two groups so everyone can do a well-liked activity.

Do you feel that everyone is talking at once and nobody is listening to anyone else? The Five of Wands consciousness is in the air. Anyone watching may be chuckling.

When you deny your need to release pent-up emotion, real conflict may erupt when you interact with others. If your hostility is on the rise, anger and criticism may become your main method of communication. Try exercising to release your aggression.

Sometimes this card appears when different parts of yourself aren't integrating. You are fighting with yourself - sort of a solo group experience. You might name each 'persona' and have conversations between two at a time until something shifts. Have fun. Pick two costumes to represent two aspects of yourself. Go back and forth between the two.

Drama and dance may also be a fun way to exercise different aspects of self without taking it all too seriously. Put on funny costumes. Try walking in different styles. Dance to celebratory music.


What is each member of this group expressing? Can I acknowledge the validity of their viewpoint?

How can I best resolve any disparate factions within myself?


Feel your gratitude toward each member of this group, one at a time. Focus on what you do love about that person!