Eight of Wands

When the Eight of Wands appears it is an indication that you have done immense inner work.

You have also taken all the accompanying outer actions needed. Rewards from outer success are about to land in your life from all directions.

Every topic you have chosen to work-play with will now succeed. This can be family, wellness, prosperity, love, spiritual awakening, friendships, career success and more!

The Eight of Wands consciousness feels carefree yet carries very significant inner attentiveness. The focus on necessary inner and outer work-play has built a huge vortex inside you, a great spaciousness resulting from meticulous introspection and the willingness to evolve. Your successes now come easily. Everything flies along and lands in new blossoming joys.

You have examined the maps of your mind very well. You relentlessly applied yourself to exorcising non-productive thought forms. You changed mental patterns with long-term consistent effort and found the right nutrient balances for healthy emotions. You gave your physical, emotional, mental and light bodies permission to release anything counterproductive.

You are willing to take the inspired actions that go along with the inner work. You are the total opposite of a daydreamer. You do not expect another to handle your inner and outer security. You built all your creations and your equilibrium through many trials and tribulations. Now you gain all.

Most likely you were fervently tested along the way. Some may have tried to end your success by giving you "great advice" that could have ended you - and almost did. Others tried to poke your deepest, most tender wounded spots to disable you.

And then were those who "came to help" with hidden agendas that perplexed you and left you feeling deeply betrayed. There was also lying from a few you thought you could trust the most. You kept going through all of it. You solved every problem and carried on! Your rewards are plentiful.

Are you constantly looking at what needs to be changed in your mind, your body, your society, and your day while staying true to your heart? Have you continuously modified your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual patterns to honor your ideals? Do you feel that your clarity and purposefully-created maps will benefit many more to come? Have you done this all day every day while having to bear the complaining and quick fixes others expect? Yahoo! You did it.

While many cannot come close to understanding all the effort your journey took, they feel the depth of who you are. All you give, receive and do is embedded with intricate strengths and goodness in every layer of your being.

You are fighting against Eight of Wands consciousness when you do not do your work. You may expect money to fall out of the trees and someone else to handle life for you. You tend to blame circumstances and others for your reality. Well, that is kind of silly. Don't ya think? So what? There is no time like now to begin anew!


You are a person who offers yourself the healthiest contemplations throughout the day. Carry on with that.


You are a person who forever returns to the neutral silent void out of which all is created. Continue on in your unique way as always.