Eight of Wands

Are you finding yourself in a bit of a hurry lately or having to get something done to a deadline?

The Eight of Wands is a card of speed. It's about things happening quickly and also changing quickly, usually for the better.

It brings new growth and levels of awareness into your life if you are willing to make the changes it presents.

There is no room here for holding back and thinking you'll do it “tomorrow" or “later" as the Eight of Wands presents these changes to you right now! If you have been waiting for that change of luck to come your way then this card shows it is here. In a reading the cards surrounding the Eight of Wands will also show you how this change can be accomplished.

This is also a card of growth and expansion into other areas. Any new venture you were thinking of starting has a high chance of success. Whilst there may be hard work attached to getting it off the ground, you can rest assure you will have the energy and stamina to do so.

This is not the time to sit back on your laurels and wait for things to come to you. Rather, it is the time for action and if that action requires you to “fake it till you make it" then that is what you must do. In order not to waste any of the momentum the Eight of Wands bestows, you must be aware of what you want and aim for it to the best of your ability.

If you are waiting for someone to contact you then the communication from them will come suddenly and out of the blue. You may not be ready for it and have no reply to give. This is in line with the Eight of Wands which shows you must be ready for anything, as you possibly have no time to waste.