Eight of Wands

"Each time we face fear, we gain strength, courage and confidence in the doing." - Theodore Roosevelt

Element of fire power: The Eight of Wands suggests that you allow yourself to go on a new path. You are encouraged to flow in this new energy. Don't resist the flow, because everything is moving at a very fast pace for you right now. You are in sync with what you wanted because you have set the intentions. This is your momentum and you are the driver of this car.

Allow the greater universal energy to flow through you and to direct you closer towards your goal. This energy is jet propulsion at its best. You would want to enjoy the speed and the exhilaration of the energy flow right now. Use the energy to fuel positive change and produce significant results. Allow this energy to also touch other areas in your life, right now.

The Eight of Wands suggests focus, along with intentions and actions. Decide what you want to manifest and then align all aspects to what is within you. You create your reality, remember? Focus on the outcome of what you would like to set your intentions on, but do not become obsessive. Balance your emotional connection towards your goal without being needy. This energy experience can be highly useful when you need to set energy alight for an outcome.

You are being reminded to look forward to completing projects that you are in the middle of, but you can also see a change that could come your way to redirect you to where you have always wanted to go.

This is your creative flow. You are on this path now to overcome old emotional issues that you may not have been able to resolve. People who have not been in contact with you may suddenly reconnect as well. You are sparkling with a strong power punch of energy and ideas. Expect to complete multiple projects and life choices now. Use this energy to keep you in alignment with your thoughts and intentions and trust your internal guidance.

Take note that because you are experiencing a great deal of swiftness, that you are able to overcome hindrances which stand in your way. It is important that you visualize how all old blockages, that would be represented as granite blocks, dissolve into crystals.

See each crystal shimmering with the colors of the rainbow. Similarly, as you stand through all the issues that you have experienced in your life, see yourself emitting these beautiful rainbow crystal colors from your heart. Observe in your mind how your heart dissolves away all hindrances and how these transform into light. Don't forget we are light and we interface with the universe in a light-frequency manner. You are in alignment with your inner center and can present yourself with emphasis and openness. Any problem which appeared to be extremely difficult to resolve fades away.

Overcome the habit of hesitation so that you do not rob yourself of power. The rainbow, a symbol of wholeness, indicates that a process is coming to an end. When you look back you realize that the difficulties of the past have helped to bring the learning process to completion.

The moment has come for you to define where you stand. If you are open and remain centered, misunderstandings will be cleared. Ask yourself if there is a reason you have not allowed yourself to stand in your truth.

At times of Imbalance: Doubt in yourself may slow this process down. Being afraid of the unknown will slow things down or you may feel that you have lost out on a specific opportunity.

Medicine: Use this opportunity to open yourself up more to those people who mean something to you. Talk to them, or write letters.

Mantra: I am openhearted to new and positive changes.