Nine of Swords

The Nine of Swords indicates that you are being misperceived by others, due to their own unresolved wounds. People are not able to hear or see you clearly. Instead, they continually place you in their soap operas and incomplete agendas via their imagination.

When experiencing this unfortunate yet ultimately strengthening situation, spend time alone.

The bombardment of others' false perceptions of you is so intense that it has become palpable in your body and brain. You can now feel their pain protruding energetically into your own heart. People are displacing their own unresolved business in your body. Bathe in Epson salt or better yet, the ocean! Break all chords. Enclose yourself in an energetic temple of light into which nobody else is allowed. Let people go through their own storms.

Forget your ego. Let these people have their imaginary ideas. Once you have fully received the lesson of neutrality, you will let them go. You will naturally gravitate towards those who maintain their own energetic boundaries, do their own inner work, and respect that you are doing the same.

Right now, you must use solitude to go deep inside where only neutrality exists. From here you can observe the whirlwind of others' craziness with compassion but complete non-attachment. You will lose any interest in it as your ability to self-nurture grows in a new way. This will assist you for the long run. You will come out much stronger.

The new-found strength will make your relationship to self and the universal benevolent flow much more durable. You will see that you are supported, but have no control over others' choices to keep dramatic confusion stirring in their lives. You will let it roll by, seek comfort in meditation. You may spend close time with a trusted animal friend or tree-friend. In time this will also lead to new friendships with humans that are much healthier, cleaner and sturdier.

The entire process will free you from the bit of a minister or counselor role you have held when others' are not able to do their own healing work.

When you are unable to utilize the Nine of Swords consciousness, you are so dismantled by the surround disarray that you have lost all clarity. You can't find neutrality because you can barely find your own glasses, which are probably on top of your head. Take a nap! Immerse yourself in exercise and water when you wake up.

The Nine of Swords is a card that requires you find our own equilibrium in the face of others' chaos.


Can I refocus on my own inner world?


Find the peace within you. For now, ignore those tapping on your psychic field.