Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords represents great determination, initiative, power, prosperity, love, and deep emotional feeling.

Aces embody the essence or the roots. Swords are elemental air and fill you with courage and boldness, remind you of the force within and ignite your ambition.

This card offers clarity of thoughts, its blade cutting through obstacles effortlessly. It brings to you decisive action, a knowing of the way to go.

You realize that you are the one in charge of your life and with this new awareness you know you can create anything, anytime, anywhere!

The Ace of Swords calls forth the leader in you. The Lady of the Lake surrenders the sword only when you are worthy of it. Today is that day! You are worthy, you deserve it all! So stand up and focus on the path ahead. Feel the clarity that this card fills you with, remember that all the answers you seek can be found within. You are the master of this sword and you wield it with compassion for the greatest good. You are required to take action, to focus your attention, and let the energy flow!

This Ace speaks of new opportunities in which you will succeed and step into your highest Self. Hard work has brought you here and from this moment on you cannot fail. You carry with you the magic and the fortitude to show the world all that is possible. You can break free from limitations and overcome all obstacles in your path. Accept this sword, this strength, and move bravely. The direction is clear, the confusion gone, you can see the light and you know the way you are meant to travel.

In matters of love, this card brings new beginnings. A new lover is on the horizon, you are ready, you can release the past and move freely, without fear. It is safe to open yourself up to this new experience; you are protected and you will grow and expand in the process. If you are currently in a relationship, this card speaks to a new outlook or dynamic for the better. There will be a breakthrough and you will experience love on a deeper level.

No matter the state of your relationship, you are always required to speak your truth. You will find what you are seeking as long as you remain true to yourself. Do not be afraid that your lover cannot handle this truth. One way or the other your truth is always moving you in the direction of what is best for you.

In matters of finance, this card reminds you to pay attention, to stay on top of what you have and use reasoning before you spend anything. Think before you act, rise up and see the overall picture. Remember what you are working towards and keep your actions in line with that, even if that means passing on the latest new iPhone in order to save up for that amazing yoga retreat in Belize.

The Ace of Swords ignites the fire within you and grants you the courage and strength to move through your path with clarity. Use this awareness to create the life you want; there is nothing standing in your way. Shine bright and let your fire light the way!

As always, we receive what we need when we need it. I know I do. So what are the questions to look at when the Ace of Swords appears on your path? Now that you have the clarity you have been seeking, what will you do with it? How will you carry this determination with you and maintain it? How do you use your strength and power with love?

Today's Meditation:

Find a quiet space, relax, and soften. Set a time for 10-20 minutes. Bring your attention into your breath and the vibration of your heart.

Silently to yourself, or out loud, repeat the mantra: "I am worthy. I deserve to be happy. I step into my power with love."

When your timer goes off, release your mantra and just be for as long as you can. Enjoy the way you feel. Make a choice to carry this feeling with you for as long as you can. Make a game out of it; see how long you can carry it. You have the power!