Ace of Swords

When the Ace of Swords comes up in a reading, it could symbolizes a clear sharp energy that is needed in your life.

Perhaps you've just had a great idea, or you are looking for clarity on a situation. It could also mean that communication is needed in a situation to bring about clarity.

One of my favorite quotes is “speak the truth, even if your voice shakes."

It takes courage to speak one's personal truth, and keep being true to yourself, whether you are saying it out loud to someone else, or merely coming to the conclusion yourself.

Decisive action, however, is something that will bring resolution towards your greater clarity. Whether that is telling someone they have crossed the line with you, whether it's telling someone you can no longer have them in your life, whether it's saying what you need and want, saying what you've been feeling and not burying your true emotions is so important.

Sometimes the release of these things one is bottling up paves the way for being more connected to oneself, along with being free to examine some of the things that were hiding behind it. My one recommendation is, if what you are saying comes from fear or insecurity, examine first why you might be feeling the fear, take steps to ground yourself, and think about how you WANT to be feeling before approaching the situation, so you are coming from a more centered place.

The Ace of Swords can also be a great card to meditate on when you are thinking about what is no longer serving you in your life, and what you can cut out. What isn't nourishing to you right now? What makes you feel negative? What or who brings you down, and throws you off from going towards your most authentic self?

Clearing away the cobwebs, no matter how big or small, makes way for brand new energy so things that will aid you in driving towards your best self can make their way into your life.