Two of Pentacles

The principal meaning of the Two of Pentacles is indecision and instability. Since the suit of Pentacles is chiefly concerned with finances, this card warns you that monetary fluctuations may be on the horizon. It can also reveal a flaw in your attitude, that you are not devoting adequate time to important things, or that your time and financial management skills are lacking. This card is a warning to make sure that your monetary balance is kept in check or you run the risk of falling into serious problems.

In the Rider Waite deck a character is shown juggling two pentacles, seemingly keeping his balance while hopping from one foot to the other. In the background of the scene a small vessel is depicted trying to navigate choppy waters. This imagery reflects a trying time where keeping both your emotional (the sea symbolises emotional matters) and financial stability will be a challenge and you may well survive this period by the skin of your teeth.

In a love reading this card has varied significance. It can indicate that neither your nor your partner spends enough time working on the relationship, that your obligations and duties are not being fulfilled in the context of the partnership. It can also alert you to monetary problems which are diverting your attentions and putting a strain on you both. The positive side is that this is not a card of fatal disaster. With better judgement, planning, and attention, you can overcome the obstacles.

In a relatively new love connection, this card is much less positive. It can reflect that your person of interest is ambivalent as to whether they really like you or want to be with you. The most negative manifestation of this card is an individual who is quite literally juggling two love interests. Keep your wits about you and do not be deceived.

In a work and career reading, the Two of Pentacles represents indecision and mismanagement of resources. Perhaps you have been procrastinating on mundane tasks which don’t particularly excite you or you are unsure about the best step to take to move forwards. In this context the advice is quite simple; get your affairs in order without delay. Without a decisive mindset, very little will go in your favour. The Two of Pentacles can also represent making a choice between job candidates. In this instance, your success is not yet assured and you ought to wait for further information.

Positive Aspects: choices, ability to weather emotional and financial uncertainty

Negative Aspects: unstable resources, indecision, inconstant lover, procrastination, fickle character, period of relative hardship