Two of Pentacles

You have finite breaths during this incarnation. What do you choose?

Will you stay locked in limits or open new doors to celebrate your life?

Are you ready to let unlimited flow of security and money be your ground?

Notice how cetaceans live in unlimited abundance in their watery homes. For these beings, ground is flow!

You have two options. From each option, many life situations occur.

In one part of your mind you feel understandably protective. However, his aspect of your thinking may limit money flowing through your life.

But another part of your mind is ready to expand with heart and soul. You are ready for new success, new beginnings, wonderful open doors.

This option is to break out of financial paradigms that keep you stuck among countless others! You can have so much more to give, share and receive!

Would you accept the unlimited generosity of life that nature allows? You deserve it. Life loves you. Would it feel good to experience endless nourishment? Are you willing to be so healthy and well-provided for that you fund programs to feed, empower, support, and give new lives to animals and humans?

You can be a proactive creator. You can work in mutual cooperation with others. You can hold such a big space of love, wellness, and wealth that you have compassion for those limiting themselves. You can hold out a hand to anyone else who wishes to break free, to accept life's generous flow.

You can do inner work of coming to peace with all your feelings instead of stuffing them in discomfort. You can accept the vulnerability you have. You can live in continuous gratitude without self-imposed struggle. You can assist many others.

You can have real humility to see we all have ego. We all have all of the emotions. Simultaneously we can be fully generous by receiving, thus giving.

When you totally ignore the Two of Pentacles consciousness, you aren't looking at your choices. You may feel financial status is random or imposed on you by outside forces.

This card invites you to choose. You may have some historical stories and know some people who are voting on your lack! Let that go. Love abundance and you shall prosper. This can inspire others too!

Ready to confront excuses and beliefs? You can be a proactive creator who paves more liberating paths for others. Actions will be required.

Thank Mama Earth for her unlimited abundance. Share immensely with others. Walk a map of light not tethered by the world of limiting illusion and self-pity. Bathe in the delicious, luxurious, joyous, nurturing, complete whole wellness Mama Earth has in mind for you.


How am I maintaining limits for myself? How can I create unlimited financial beliefs instead?


Meditate on Mama Earth's unlimited generosity.