Two of Pentacles

Is there something you have been mulling over which goes around and around in your mind with no firm outcome? There is balance within each choice, but this balance also brings with it a fair degree of inner conflict that sets the final outcome further and further off into the distance.

This is the energy of the Two of Pentacles and if you are the one waiting for a decision to be made that affects your life, then this can become very frustrating.

Makes you wonder who has the worst time. The person who has to make the choice, or the person waiting for a decision to happen which affects their life. Neither position is great to be in.

The more you feel the urge to decide, the more likely it is that the other choice you have will pop up in your mind, arguing that it is the best course of action to take. At times like this, it is perhaps wise to speak to a trusted friend who knows you well and can advise you from a position of neutrality.

You could also try sitting down and listing the pro's and con's of each choice you have. Although, by doing so, you may still feel that inner restlessness that goes so well with the Two of Pentacles.

If you think it is unbearable being stuck in this state, then give a thought to anyone who is waiting for you to come up with an answer, as this answer may also have consequences in their lives.

The constant state of emotional flux that the Two of Pentacles can produce is usually seen and felt before too long. You may not be ready to make a decision but if you don't make one you may lose what you already possess.