Three of Pentacles

The Three of Pentacles is a card of teamwork, intentions and dedication. It is asking you to connect with those who can be helpful, who have passion for what you are creating and who have sage wisdom to offer you.

This card is here to break a chain, to remind you that you were never meant to go it alone. You have been conditioned to believe asking for help is a sign of weakness, but you do not have to bear all the weight by yourself.

We were meant to work together, to create community and utilize the strengths of the village as a whole.

The task at hand is very important and true. It is part of the change the world is in need of in this moment. And part of that change is coming together as one to make this goal a reality.

You will need to delegate, you will need to trust in the abilities of others and you will need to let go of the need to fix it all yourself. Do your part and do it with all your heart and know that everyone else is doing their part as well. Believe in the power of community.

Sometimes when a group of people come together there can be confusion over who is the boss. The Three of Pentacles suggests that you work as equals, that you create structures to keep balance and harmony. Group meditation is a powerful tool to stay connected, to stay on task and to stay in your heart.

Working together to create the change is what the world needs most right now. Be a force of peace in the most powerful way. Be a community united in love.

Break the chains of conditioning and come together as one. This card requires you to connect to your community and be a part of the whole.

"Be the change you wish to see." - Gandhi

Today's Meditation:

Find a sweet, sacred space and step inside. Set a timer for 10-20 minutes. Relax and soften. Deepen your breath and feel the vibration of your heart, quiet your mind.

Silently to yourself, or out loud, repeat the mantra; "I am the change."

When your timer goes off, release your mantra. Feel your connection to it all. Stay here for as long as you can.

Enjoy the ride!