Three of Pentacles

The Three of Pentacles symbolizes teamwork, your network, along with a happy work environment, and foundation building.

Oft times, we want to do things all by ourselves. This card is saying not to. It is a reminder that if there is too much work on your plate, see who you might be able to allocate some of it to. If you are looking for a job, but not coming up with much from the job boards, reach out to friends, family, and your work network, and see what they or their friends might know.

There is no shame in asking for help. It does not make you look weak. In fact, it makes you realize that sometimes in order to empower your vision, you need others to help give you some aid in getting to where you ideally want to be.

When this card talks about foundation building, it could be for work, but more often than not, I pull it in respect for relationships and the self.

Relationships, HEALTHY relationships, all take foundation building. Talking, getting to know one another, building. This is why it's so important not to rush to the end result.

The journey that gets you there provides much more depth and much more fulfillment than just wanting commitment for security purposes, which, as we all know, just stems from fear, and not doing enough foundation building for ourselves. The more we have a solid base in ourselves, the more we are able to freely give our love, and allow things in present time to unfold the way they are supposed to.

So if you are at the beginning of a relationship with someone and you are feeling anxious about where it's going, take a few steps back, and allow it to build, all while allowing yourself to evolve in your own life.

If you find that you are in a situation where you feel like your personal evolution is being compromised too much, then either you are with the wrong person, or you are not quite ready to jump into a relationship yourself. The real thing is worth the time, and worth getting yourself right before you pursue it.

As far as foundation building for the self...

Going through life, where much of our foundation comes from our parents, or institutions, or relationships where some sort of structure is handed to us, sometimes we forget that we have to start at ground zero to build up who we want to be for ourselves, to become exactly who we want to become. And this takes time. It takes planning.

Most importantly, it should not be rushed. We all want to have things be put together or be the best at something overnight, but it is not a light switch. All good things take time.

If you are building up your whole life from scratch, which, if you are going through a breakup, or some other traumatic event that forces you to rebuild, and you feel you may have forgotten how to do so, you haven't. You are strong, you are resilient. Just remember to take everything one step at a time. You got this.