Three of Pentacles

The Three of Pentacles appears when our contribution is being supported and loved. Being supported in our learning is a precious gift. When angels, animals or humans arrive to encourage us for our efforts, we feel well-valued.

This Pentacles' consciousness is a warm, kind, supportive energy that envelopes someone who is learning and serving at the same time. Others commend the work and its value. This allows the trainee to feel good as they give.

This is a wonderful passage of an experience to enjoy.

An experience of this nature improves self-esteem, causes deep relaxing in the heart, and can easily improve health. Receiving constructive acknowledgement, compliments, and caring presence nourishes the soul of a human or animal.

When receiving this type of support, one feels very at home in their life. An angelic presence is often noted. Trust and faith in life grow.

This support can come at work, at home, or via an organization.

Are you finding yourself to be immersed in a productive activity that adds to others' work? Are you being valued by others as you go through this endeavor?

The goodwill of the Three of Pentacles energy has come into your life. You likely feel profoundly well. We would love to have these kind of experiences and feelings always! Give thanks for yours, asking that this become a common occurrence for you if you like. "Ask and you shall receive!"

If you are not experiencing the energy from the Three of Pentacles, interfering and melding people or other energies have disrupted your life. Your actions feel thwarted. You feel judged. Your brain feels kidnapped. Your body does not feel well.

You may need to change who you are spending your time with. You may need to leave a project or job after lining up a more harmonious place of participation. You may need to build new family skills in order to become a happier group.

The Three of Pentacles is the card of being valued.


What I can say to someone in my environment to let them know how much they are valued by me?


Feel how good it is to be received. Pick a body posture or visual image to remind you of this feeling. Next time you do not feel well-received, you can bring this memory back with the body posture or visual image to jolt your memory of the feeling.