Three of Pentacles

Whatever it is you have been striving to achieve looks as if it is going to pay off for you. The Three of Pentacles is a card of recognition for the work you have done and could also come with an offer of recognition in the form of a promotion.

Your skills are in demand. If you were thinking of looking for a new job, or new position where you currently work, this is an excellent indicator that you are on the right track.

You may be sought out for your advice or if there is anything you need advice on, now is the time to find a person who can help you with this.

You may be thinking of study or educational pursuits which can lead you onto what it is you desire. Interestingly, this can sometimes come in the form of a stray thought on what it is you aspire to do, and as that thought gains in momentum, other indicators show you it is not such an out of reach goal.

Be on the lookout for any signs that show this, whether this be from something someone says to you in passing or perhaps something you read or an advertisement you read. Often a seed is sown towards the step on a path you wish to follow without you realising it at the time.

I wish you luck along the way. However, with the Three of Pentacles, luck is only part of the equation you will need. Luck may be knocking on your door, but there is also the need for following through in clear, logical steps that will provide you with a firm basis for what it is you wish to achieve.