Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles offers you balance, hope, and prosperity. It is a card of harmony within your Self and with your environment.

Maybe you have been feeling like things are not as they should be, but when this card appears you are reminded of who you truly are and what it is you truly seek.

Your dreams are on track to becoming realized and you co-exist with those around you.

You see how you are meant to give and how you are meant to receive. It is in this delicious dance that you move into the flow of life and find all you need within.

The Six of Pentacles speaks of fulfillment in career, family and love. You truly are in balance with it all, and even though it may have felt as if you have taken a step back, this card reminds you that you are moving in a spiral, up, and with purpose.

It requires you to find rhythm and take time daily to connect to your inner Self. It is through this connection you find all the answers you seek. It is through stillness that you see with clarity and know the way.

The Six of Pentacles offers the beauty of giving and receiving. Share yourself in every way with everyone and everything and allow the cycle to be complete by receiving from others as well. When you give, you offer up a vibration of abundance, a sense of knowing that you now have, and always will have, what you need. When you receive you allow yourself to be a part of the whole and fill yourself up with the riches of the universe.

This card also reminds you that acting with kindness and generosity not only creates a sense of peace 'out there', it also brings to you that peace in return. It represents the golden rule: "Do unto others that which you would want done to you." What you give, you receive. And receive you shall. There are opportunities everywhere when this card appears. Be open, be ready and willing and remember you are a wealth of infinite possibilities.

If your question is regarding your career, the Six of Pentacles brings to you fulfillment, sustainability and promotion. You are on track, dream big! You will be successful in your ventures and you will go far. Remember to be grateful and to share with the world that which you have to offer. There is a reason you are here!

If your question is regarding love, you will find the beauty, the harmony, and the partnership you seek. Remember to give yourself love as well. Allow others to love you and watch the world transform before your eyes. Everything is made of love - can you feel it?

There is no need for fear, you are on the path. Ask yourself, "What is it that I truly want?" Get clear and focused, and trust in the Divine. Ask for help when needed and offer it to others when you see a need. Find balance from within and see in this moment that you have everything you need. Without a doubt the Six of Pentacles is a good omen for your heart's desires, your true Self finding the way.

Have you had an experience that made you question your path? Maybe you do not understand why situations are as they are. Take a deep look within, listen to those around you, watch the signs and find that you are in fact exactly where you are meant to be. Your current circumstances are to remind you of what you truly want. To remind you to keep it simple, to listen to your heart and to do what makes YOU happy and to trust all the rest will all fall into place.

See the path clear before you and know that there is balance to be restored from within. It is through the inner balance that the external outer balance arises. Be happy, be joyful and be true to YOU! And remember to have fun while doing it all!

Today's Meditation:

Find a sweet, sacred space and step inside. Set a timer. Soften and relax.

Repeat to yourself, or out loud, the mantra: "Every step I take is taking me to me my highest good, my highest Self."

When your timer goes off, release the mantra, feel the freedom of knowing you are safe and on path.