Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles is a card I primarily get when there is an imbalance in a relationship or work dynamic, typically when the client is giving more than they are getting back.

Let's look at a few scenarios here.

Scenario one: Many human beings have the need to be liked, so when we meet someone that we might fancy, we naturally hope that they are as interested in us as we are in them.

In situations like these, dial things back and remember your self-respect, and that you deserve someone who wants to lasso the moon for you. You will not accept any less. Your time and attention could go elsewhere. I spent much of my life trying to convince people, especially men, that I was worth their time, all the while forgetting to ask myself, are they worth mine? Does this person make ME feel wanted, loved, desired?

Sometimes you want to make excuses for the person, about why they aren't putting in the effort. Like they are busy, or going through a rough time. While there are extenuating circumstances, it doesn't matter. What matters is you are overextending yourself and you shouldn't be.

Scenario two: Perhaps you are already in a relationship with someone and you are putting in all of the work.

When you start to feel that way, put your foot down and stand up for yourself. Stop putting out more, and start putting that energy into yourself. Communicate with your partner about it compassionately. Sometimes when they have been in relationships for awhile, people go on autopilot. They get so wrapped up in themselves that they fail to do things for their partner.

See what can be worked on. Speak about your needs instead of pointing out faults. See if they adjust. If they don't, then start asking yourself what might be the best option for you and know the second that you think you deserve more, you do.

Scenario three: Sometimes we are unable to give what the other person needs, which also might bring us more understanding as to why others can't either.

Perhaps you went through a breakup or another traumatic time, and you still need time to heal. Perhaps you got a new job, and need to be focusing on that. That's okay, but it's important for you to recognize this, and then communicate it. Honor yourself, and that other person.

Sometimes this card also means to be more charitable.

See someone in need? Help them out. Maybe donate to a charity that resonates with you. Maybe just offer someone a smile, or a hug. Sometimes when you give out more, you get back tenfold.