Six of Pentacles

What do you have and what are you giving away?

The Six of Pentacles is a card of giving and receiving. Whether this is to do with money, love, knowledge or power there is a certain flow in what you are giving out and what you are receiving back and visa versa.

When this card appears in your reading you need to look for any imbalance between giving and receiving in your life.

The balance does not need to be set firmly in stone or seen on paper as it is more about what you perceive as the right and wrong, the give and take in a particular situation.

This card is about fairness and allowing things to flow without the need for being bogged down in who has more than the other, who is right or who is wrong. Often this card is seen when money is owed to you or you have debts which need to be paid.

Do you see money as an energy which flows through your hands going out as fast as it comes in or do you see money as something you can use to accumulate more of? Do you have a sense of security or insecurity when it comes to your own financial situation? All of this can be seen in the Six of Pentacles alongside that you are not being asked to give more than you can.

A balancing act, such as is seen in the Six of Pentacles, where both the giving and receiving are so evenly matched has the capacity to come undone whereby you may feel a sense of abundance and limitation simultaneously. Keep in mind that you are not being asked to give more than you can as it is well within your rights to leave something for yourself.

One wrong move and you could be in more debt than you anticipated. For this reason you need to get your finances under control and if the giving and receiving is not about finances then you need to come into alignment and balance your emotions sooner rather than later.