Six of Pentacles

"Every human being needs to feel safe and secure in their life". - Sam Harris

Element of earth power: The Six of Pentacles suggests that you are in a position where you are able to create and even enjoy good relationships within the spheres of your daily life. The main focus for the Six of Pentacles is about being secure not only within your income and your manifestations, but also your self. Being grateful for all that you own and being happy within yourself mainly results in feeling secure and safe within your life and also with those whom you come into contact with.

The Six of Pentacles can be about charity, caring and sharing with those who are in need, but also being able to recognize the generosity that you can enjoy with others in your life. If you are a giver, you have the ability to build wealth and then are able to help others with financial assistance. The Six of Pentacles does not only remind you of material wealth, but also awakens the ability to become aware of those who have touched your life when you were feeling isolated or alone. It reminds you of mutual sharing and company that is wholesome for you as well as the others who you have connected with in life and had the opportunity to share your time and energy with them.

The Six of Pentacles teaches you about being unselfish not only with what you have physically, but also on a deeper spiritual, emotional and soulful level, where you have been able to step in to help those who have stumbled on the way. The Six of Pentacles also refers to being aware that as a family you are able to share and connect with one another without expectations.

Kindness and generosity is present in relationships of all kinds. Your partner may have been supportive of you while you were pursuing your goals. You may be going to school or starting a new business venture. Perhaps you were feeling a bit fearful, when you discovered how loving and warm your partner, friends or family have been during this process. The Six of Pentacles teaches you to recognize moments of kindness and that you are worthy of such an expression.

At time of imbalance: Power dynamics and imbalances can create problems within your relationships. This tends to happen when love and kindness and acts of good deeds have been done for you with an expectation of a reward. You should be cautious that you are not just being charitable to prove you are giving or generous to others. The source of generosity should be selfless, not selfish.

Medicine: The Six of Pentacles reminds us of the acts of selflessness and that what we give out to those around us also affects us. The dynamics here must be corrected again in order for this relationship to become healthy. Those who are single may want to be wary of partners that create this power imbalance; avoid being too generous or too dependent on your romantic relationships.

Mantra: I am selfless.