Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles is a card of growth, investing, patience and perseverance. It frequently appears when a querent has ploughed a great deal of money into a venture and has anxiety about whether or not their financial ventures will be successful.

The Seven of Pentacles is a card of success. but it is a card of eventual success. It also represents reassessing where you are, what you have achieved, and where you might like to proceed from this point onwards.

This Pentacle warns that in order to see the best results from your projects, work, time, patience, and perseverance are needed. It is not uncommon for this card to appear when the querent is a student. In this sense it reflects that they are slowly working their way through their numerous assignments with the goal of future gain rooted in their mind.

In the Rider Waite deck, a pensive fellow is shown watching his vines bearing pentacles. He is stooped over his hoeing tool with exhaustion, reflecting on what he has achieved so far. At his feet one pentacle appears to be ripe and has been “harvested.” This imagery reflects slow and sure profits gained through patience and diligence.

In a love reading the Seven of Pentacles is a cautiously optimistic card. It reflects a partnership which grows incrementally over time, with a view to a long-term gains. In terms of feelings, it reflects that the two of you will grow fonder of one another in time, but that this may be a slow-burn romance, not especially aflame with rapid passion. Depending on how eager you are for progress, a slower pace can be a good or bad thing.

This is not a card of haste. If you have a more impulsive or impatient streak, you may choose to reconsider your options.

In a work and career reading, the Seven of Pentacles is an excellent card to have appear. It signifies that you are working diligently and methodically with a view to cementing your future stability. This can be a card of “investing in yourself,” either through further education or even taking a break for the sake of your health. The key theme here is that you are playing “the long game” with your eye on a distant but shiny prize. However, you must ask yourself if you have the grit to see things through to the end or is there a risk you will lose patience.

Positive Aspects: stable investments, hard work, persistence, long-term goals, eventual profit

Negative Aspects: slow progress, stagnation, relatively meagre results, impatience