Seven of Pentacles

It's time to take a breather from all that hard work you've been doing, sit yourself down and gather your senses to what may be required next or simply just give yourself a break.

The Seven of Pentacles is a card that shows you have accomplished a great deal and yet you may or may not be happy with what you have achieved. By stepping back a bit from the fruits of your labour you give yourself a chance to see the “whole picture" rather than just working for the sake of getting more done.

If you had a goal in mind and find yourself in the midst or towards the end of achieving it, don't think you have to push forward all guns blazing to see it finished quickly. You may find you accomplish a lot more with less work if you stop pushing so hard and making demands upon yourself.

At the same time if you are dealing with a person who you think is not pulling their weight, ask yourself have they done so in the past and is this just a temporary situation where they are taking a little “time out" in order to assess where they are within their lives and where they would like to be next.

In a relationship it is important to take heed of your partner being in such a place because if you are trying to get them to budge on a problem during this time they will not do it.

I like to refer to the Seven of Pentacles as “burying your head in the sand" yet it is so much more than. Whilst someone may appear to have their head firmly buried in the sand when it comes to giving you feedback in what they are planning to do next, your very actions in trying to force them to decide could backfire on you immensely. Give them some space.