Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles is whole onto herself.

This is a spiritual state in which one is fully at peace, generating creation rather than being creation's effect. This is a state of surrender to the divine flow with the personal criteria of expecting the best.

In this balance of receiving and giving simultaneously, all is provided.

Wholeness is defined as (1) the state of forming a complete and harmonious whole and (2) unbroken. The Queen has found the universal flow to be the source of her sustenance. As a result she is inwardly nourished and outwardly provided. She is resonant with animals and nature. She is full. She seeks nothing for all is here, inside and outside.

The Queen has learned that wholeness in all ways is the result of inner gratitude-focus and outer service-diligence which she aims to practice all day, every day. The basis of incarnation well-lived in the Queen's world is not to stop inner and outer loving which is effortless. It is natural.

The world is a very loving womb. What we put out, comes back in with waves of love. The Queen work-plays deeply and consistently from her heart. Through her gaze, life is generated and touched with nourishment. The universe showers her back with what she emanates. She takes every breath as an opportunity to love.

The universe holds her fully because of her attitude. When hardship comes she goes to gratitude and presence to transform all the imperfections the world can exhibit. Thus the universe loves her back. She trusts the universe to be a loving parent. She sits with faith in love. This way the Divine has avenues through which to take care of her. And she forever offers kindness, words, and presence abundantly so the universe gives right back to her.

Are you full? Do you feel whole? Does the inner and outer reflect this? You are living as the Queen of Pentacles consciousness.

When you ignore the consciousness of this card, you are involved in some narcissism or selfishness. You are wishing for the universe to reward you but making little effort to give to others. This is a contracted and lonely path. Experiment with sharing and generosity. See what you find.

The Queen of Pentacles is the universal wholeness inside and outside.


What has come to me as a gift of life? What do I share with others as my gift to life?


Meditate on the abundance of nature.