Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles is a card of luxury. It informs the querent that through their hard work, they will soon be able to enjoy the finer things in life and will find great happiness in them. It also represents financial stability in the sense that not only can you afford luxuries, but you can also invest, leaving you with adequate leisure time since you can use the investments as a source of income.

This card is associated with major purchases such as property, home renovations, garden landscaping, cars, and expensive pets.

In the Rider Waite deck an elegant lady is depicted alone, symbolising her self-reliance. The intricacy of the detail of her attire suggests that she has refined and indulgent tastes. The falcon perched on her arm strongly reflects her high status in life, as falconry was a sport primarily enjoyed by the aristocracy in times gone by, and even in our modern age. Typically only the high born or wealthy indulge in this activity.

In a love reading the appearance of the Nine of Pentacles signifies an independent woman of significant means. She walks alone but is highly eligible. Be advised that if you are in her life, she wants you there rather than “needs” you.

In an established love connection, the Nine of Pentacles may warn you that you or your partner may have somewhat outmoded views on gender roles. If you do not want a woman who would prefer to live a life of luxury while you are toiling hard, think twice. Similarly, if the idea of being a “kept woman” is not to your taste, voice your concerns.

In a very plain sense, this card can alert you to excessive materialism in your relationship. Do you really need so many things in order to keep up with your peers?

In a work and career reading the Nine of Pentacles is an excellent omen. It foretells a time when you will be able to afford all the good things in life such as property, investments and expensive hobbies, and that you will neither rely on anyone, nor want for anything. In this sense, it can predict a step up career-wise for you. The only warning is to not become overly attached to material things and feel as though you need to flaunt them.

Positive Aspects: eligible lady, financial independence, life of luxury and ease, property purchases, exotic pets, high-brow hobbies, expensive tastes, kept woman, traditional gender roles

Negative Aspects: excessively materialistic, outdated gender roles, feeling the need to impress others with wealth, trapped in a show-off lifestyle