Nine of Pentacles

When the Nine of Pentacles shows up, inner and outer good fortune are here.

Your actions and your meditations are paying off. You feel at ease, at peace, well provided for and able to enjoy the blessing of nature and animals.

Material needs are handled abundantly so you can take time to be in the garden! If you are a city gal, the garden can be your favorite coffee shop.

The Nine of Pentacles consciousness is a sweet time to savior and enjoy. You feel very full in your own world, on your own or possibly with animal friends.

The fullness of solitude is revealed effortlessly and sweetly. Life is your meditation in waves of scrumptious sweet bliss. All you ever needed is inside you. All you need to be protected and well served is outside you with a lovely home, nature, and money.

Women who trust their inner prompting often find themselves in a Nine of Pentacles time. If you have served others for a lengthy period, you may experience Nine of Pentacles rewards. The universe provides you the time and place to delve into the sacred flow below the worldly activity.

You feel complete. You are nourished, You feel whole. Your femininity is cherished by the universe. Your senses are keenly alert, seeing, hearing, smelling and feeling the intricate flavors of the passing day. From sunrise to sunset, each part of the day is strongly apparent as a unique energy.

Any societal propaganda that told you needed this person, that job, some clothing, a different body, etc., bears no weight on you now. You are fully satisfied as is. And you have good health to enjoy, or you are healing your body well.

Do you feel that everything is just right as you stroll through the garden? Do you find that sweetness is in every tree, flower, bird? Does a quiet time of solo enjoyment end a life period with more active days? You are blessed by the Nine of Pentacles consciousness.

When you ignore the consciousness of this card, you are not clear on how to drink from the garden of the spiritual worlds. Take some time to learn meditation or practice it more. Yoga can help. Being outside can assist. You are missing out on the depth that is available.

The Nine of Pentacles is the card indicating that all is well in solitude, with sweet, yummy deepening inside, while protected with good housing and safe nature outside.


What makes my heart sing?


Stroll through the outdoors, or city if you prefer, without engaging in any conversation, enjoying the details of life via the senses.