Nine of Pentacles

"Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe." - Saint Augustine

Element of earth power: This Nine of Pentacles card indicates that you have reached a stage in your life where you are confident, independent, and self-sufficient. Through hard work, you are now ready to enjoy money, leisure and material comfort.

The Nine of Pentacles demonstrates that mostly all the difficulties that you had faced in the earlier journey of your life appear to be over. This card conveys not only joy, but also the feeling of security and freedom that material wealth can bring. Reflecting back, you are able to now celebrate the conquering of difficulties, the struggles, and the hard work that lined up in your life path. Previous challenges gave you a wider perspective to understand the spiritual value of not only success, but also your abilities to have been able to clear up old lessons and/or karma of the soul. Knowing how difficult it was to get here, you are now able to enjoy every single day that is given to you.

The Nine of Pentacles may denote that you have not come to the ending of the road in terms of your experiences, that you may also need to learn to explore what else there is to experience in order for you to finally achieve that fulfillment you seek.

This card can also be about a specific time period in one's life. This time is about restraint and grace. Diplomacy and grace will lead to the desired outcome.

The Nine of Pentacles suggests prosperity, stability and material security. If you’ve invested your time or resources into something, it may be time for you to enjoy the rewards. Your social status may improve because of this newfound comfort. Since this card is also tied to the land, you may also be in the process of purchasing some property.

At times of imbalance: A negative aspect to the Nine of Pentacles can be indicative of suffering from financial issues. It can perhaps indicate a false display of security and stability. There may be a desire here to keep up appearances - to have all the finer things in life even when we cannot afford to do so.

Medicine: The Nine of Pentacles indicates a moment when one truly sees, perhaps for the first time, that we cannot depend completely on material wealth to bring happiness. Other meanings of this card differ with context - you may instead find yourself at a period in life where you should be able to rest and relax after years of hard work, but you are unable to unwind. In this case, rejuvenation is the ultimate advice. You need to take a few steps back and allow yourself to rest and regain your strength.

Mantra: I am guided all the way.