Knight of Pentacles

Additional deck interpretation:

The Knight of Pentacles points you towards a path of realizing a cherished dream as you continue your journey through the seventy-eight passageways of growth.

This is the level on your continuous cycle of change when it is time to reinvent yourself, give your lifestyle a makeover and do something you love doing. Since you are not a risk-taker, you will stay focused and carefully think everything through before you commit yourself to life-altering decisions.

The Knight of Pentacles works under the direction of the King. His appearance in your reading represents that something is going to change because this Knight is the harbinger of change. He is also determined to complete whatever he has started whether it is making a dream come true, reaching an important milestone, or embarking on a new adventure.

He sees everything as new and fresh.

The Knight can refer to a person, an event, or a part of yourself (some facet that has been dormant and is reactivated) that causes you to think big and challenge yourself to realize your dreams.

This might be a time when new people and new experiences will suddenly enter your life, or leave your life.

The Knight of Pentacles is a faithful lover, but when he is crossed by a negative love card or the Hermit, you need to take the Knight of Pentacles' compliments with a grain of salt. Just be careful with this Knight because you might experience the "Dear John or Dear Jane Event" - a new beginning followed by a sudden unexpected ending.

Just remember that rejection is your divine protection. When one door closes, a new door opens for a better reason! Also remember - do not get lost in the past. Look for new experiences that will make you happy and bring growth.

Numerical Number 12: The Knight of Pentacles is designated 12, the number of an educational process, or the time to shed old habits and start new experiences to achieve knowledge, wisdom and realize a dream from start to finish.

This number consists of: 1 (a new beginning) + 2 (a waiting period to make a decision) = 3 (rebirth and creating something new after you make the right decision).

The Knight of Pentacles is Air of Earth and associated with the elemental aspects of the planet Mercury (how the mind works, how you communicate, write, speak, learn and carefully analyzes a situation) and the zodiac sign of Virgo.

The combination of Mercury in Virgo brings the journey of devotion and hard work, in caution mode, because the Knight needs to think a situation through carefully before he commits and takes a risk. Since he is related to the element of air, he is constantly moving in his thoughts and changeable because he might decide to change direction.

Probable Outcome: You might decide to roll up your sleeves and get to work, but you are going to be cautious and think everything through because you do not like to take risks.

You might decide to reinvent yourself, or start a new adventure, or start a creative project, or take a business trip, or seek a new job doing something you love.

You might buy a new home or property in the county, or start a new business in farming, or decide to be a land developer, or a veterinarian.

You might attend an event, or meet someone new, or a faithful friend might show up, or you might meet someone who wants the same things that you want and fall in love.

Possible Outcome: You are not inspired to start anything new because you are too cautious and hate taking risks and need more time to think a situation through.

You do not want to reinvent yourself because you like yourself.

You might be experiencing delays with projects you had planned, with buying a new home or property or starting a new business.

You might experience something unexpected and not be able to attend an event, or you might meet up with a friend who is not faithful (a would-be-enemy), or have problems meeting someone to fall in love with who wants the same things you want.

Or you might end a relationship because you a not ready to make a commitment, or you might experience the "Dear John or Dear Jane Event", a sudden unexpected ending.

Then again, you might not be able to channel the Knight of Pentacles energies into your lifestyle. If this is the case, then you have taken on other avenues and are not ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work and take a dream from start to finish, or you are letting others steer you into other activities.

Timing: The Knight of Pentacles is related to an important thought that is turned into action. This event may occur in the next may occur in 1-12 days.