Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles concerns himself with advancement, both personally and professionally. However his approach is one of perseverance, moderation, strategy, and he uses proven methods to reach his goal.

In the Rider Waite deck, we see this knight seated on a horse which is stationary with all four hooves on the ground. In deep reflection, the knight is surveying the fertile ground before him.

The fact that this horse is not in motion, as shown in the examples of the other knight cards, hints at a personality type who is in no rush to make a decision. The lack of movement can also reveal someone who has the tendency to be rigid and quite intransigent. This knight carefully calculates the best path forward before deciding whether or not to invest his pentacle.

The land depicted in the card is shown as being tilled but without any evidence of crops being planted. In this way we can interpret that the Knight of Pentacles is a card of great potential and opportunity but not necessarily guaranteed results. In order for your plans to yield dividends, serious effort will be required of you.

In a love reading the Knight of Pentacles is a mixed omen. It symbolises a suitor who is traditional and who takes his time to make a commitment. This hesitation can be positive since a considered approach means that they are less likely to stray once they have truly given their heart to you. The Knight of Pentacles, like all the other court cards in the suit of Pentacles, values the old formal ways and will eventually have commitment as his goal. On a less positive note the Knight of Pentacles can represent a love interest who is far too engrossed in their work life or who has previous commitments or unresolved issues from a previous relationship.

In a work-related reading this Knight is an extremely positive card. It foretells the advent of a work or business opportunity which could prove to be very profitable. The only negative in this context is that it does imply that much persistence and sacrifice will be required of you to reap the full benefits of this path. This card is also often seen when dealing with consultancy of any kind. It can inform the querent that they will soon be in a position of consultancy or that they will be assisted by a consultant. It can also signify an increase in your responsibilities in the workplace.

If this card appears in a negative position or is crossed by a less favourable card, it may show that you lack patience and have a tendency to rush projects rather than meticulously see them through to completion. Conversely it can encourage you to complete your work at a quicker pace.

Positive Aspects: persistence, new opportunity, diligence, tried and tested methods, consultancy work

Negative Aspects: intransigence, slow growth, reluctance to consider new methods