Knight of Pentacles

At its worst, the Knight of Pentacles can indicate there might be someone stubborn around you. In its advice form, however, it is a reminder to take things one step at a time and to slow down.

It's very easy to get so overwhelmed by either what we need to get done in a day, or trying to figure out what we want to get done in our lifetime. We also always want to rush to get to the end result. This is a card to remind you to become less overwhelmed and take everything moment to moment. It is also a reminder of the benefits of slow-cooking some things in your life.

Let's break down how to prevent becoming overwhelmed. Making lists might help you see your day faster. List all of the practical things you need to get done. This will help keep you focused.

Worrying about your overall goal, and wondering if you will get to it while you are trying to take the time to do it, is a waste of mental space. Just do what you can RIGHT NOW. This could have to do with handling raising your children, it could do with your work in grad school, it could do with finding a job. It could pertain to anything.

Right now just take everything one step at a time and you will eventually meet your goal.

As far as slow-cooking, some of the most savory dishes we cook take a long time, but when we allow ourselves to wait, we get a great end result.

We live in a culture that likes to get rewarded immediately, so we try to churn out work, or practice behavior that will get us the satisfaction of recognition sooner. These actions can pertain to relationships as well. But in taking the time and effort to create a masterpiece, that is what we get. If we can manage to satiate our yearnings for immediate gratification by filling our lives with other things that nourish us, we are able to play the long game with what we are creating.

This could also apply to creating the person you've always wanted to become. If you've ever wanted to learn a new language, it will take time. If you've wanted to write a great book, or a movie, or a play, it will take time. If you've ever wanted to build anything, it will take time. So allow that time to pass. Put your passion into it, and trust the later rewards will be greater than putting out a rushed effort that will feel less satisfying, just so you get attention.

Speaking of this card and relationships, don't rush anything. Slow down. The other person, or maybe you, is not yet ready to hop into something serious. Apply the slow-cooking principal. We usually forget when we are caught up in infatuation that something good, deep, and true actually takes time, but it does. So again, allow it the needed time.