Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles has strategically built a life of security. Job and finances are secure. Very likely a marriage is secure. Security is the foundation. Yet passion and joy have been overlooked.

Existence feels dissatisfying. The Knight has not realized that security, passion and joy can all be experienced. Despondent feelings increase. Each day is the same. Each night is empty. Life has little meaning. Yet the Knight continues en route.

When the Knight of Pentacles appears, it's time to reevaluate. Is your career or relationship truly the one you desire for life? If you aren't fulfilled now, and never have been on this path, might there be a better route for your journey?

If you stay on this road you may find that you are very numb. You might feel like your heart is missing. You may feel soulless. You may feel like you are missing out on your own life.

Are you enjoying this? Are you afraid that a life of love, joy, and emotional richness can't go hand and hand with financial security? Are you worried that if you marry someone with whom you are deeply in love, you may get hurt? What keeps you so good at supplying material security and so dismissive about emotional fulfillment? Do some introspection.

The Knight of Pentacles consciousness focuses on what will maintain safety and status quo. This is not enough with other vital elements left out of the scenario.

Do something fun to loosen up your reins on life. Go see a funny movie. Perhaps, check out an improvisation class. Think of something else to let you unwind with some laughter. From a lighter place, take another look at your life plans.

Watch some inspiring plays or films. Listen to upbeat music. Bring in some pep! Then reevaluate your life structures.

When the wisdom in this card is psychologically fought, life becomes more and more depressing. In time, immense anger grows. Best to do some soul searching now.

What is your life promising you? Can you create a life that promises all this and more? Are you staying in a job or relationship to please someone else? Is this really benefiting them and their happiest dreams?

The Knight of Pentacles embodies security without passion and joy.


What is my passion?


Focus on memories of times when you felt very heart warmed.