Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles can often represent a useful, active, and hard-working man. He may be a skilled craftsman, someone used to working with his hands, perhaps a builder or carpenter or just someone who is adept at DIY. He enjoys physical pleasures, team sports, outdoor activities, and takes great pride in all that he does. This could be as simple as winning a football game or finishing a task to perfection.

In relationships he is generally reliable and dependable but some may find him dull and boring. It could be that he lacks life experience and offers very little in the way of excitement or passion.

Ask yourself if this is enough for you. You are unlikely to ever find yourself lying awake at night wondering where this guy is or who he is with, but the flip side of that kind of security is that you find yourself wishing he would do something out of the ordinary just to spice things up a little!