Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles indicates a time of infinite new learning. A path of study has been offered, officially or non-officially.

This route requires diligence and focus. It can be a project, a job, a relationship, a new educational study, a focused and intentional vacation time, or another map through which you glean new knowledge.

By taking this path, limitless new wisdom, fulfillment, understanding and growth is yours.

The Eight of Pentacles suggests that wisdom will come from inside your own self. However, the catalyst for this wisdom is something outside of you. This may involve others. It may be a project done alone. Either way, your life perspective is about to broaden in a helpful way.

As you stay committed to the task you agree to, more and more insight works its way through you. You are able to articulate understandings that were with you all along, but never brought to the realm of description.

By giving word to understanding, you gain more self-confidence, greater respect for you own style and approach, and much deeper honor of others' various ways.

This time can be deeply fulfilling and fruitful. The body, mind and soul are developing. What you are learning will assist your participation in many areas of life for the rest of your incarnation.

Are you attracted or intrigued by a potential commitment personally or professionally? Do you feel that you will prosper in ways you cannot identify, yet strongly sense? Is the drive to take on this task motivating you in way that feels good?

You are in a strong and good flow. Much will come to you from agreeing to this contract or invitation. The process itself will assist you with feeling very well in the heart and whole as an individual.

When you ignore the Eight of Pentacles consciousness, you are being lazy. You are not wrong. It is okay to be lazy. However, laziness that begins to grow on itself can impede you. You are missing incredible opportunities. Grazing for a while, to revitalize, is good. Grazing too long can cause missed opportunity.

The Eight of Pentacles is a card of learning via pleasurable and deeply focused commitment.


What benefits will come to me if I say yes to a possibility? Do I sense unknown benefits will surprise me in delightful ways too?


Focus on times that very attentive work or play has given you balance, re-birth, and nourishing endurance.