Eight of Pentacles

A little bit of hard work never hurt anyone but in the case of the Eight of Pentacles you may be excused for thinking there is no end in sight to the amount of work you need to get through.

For this reason do not go beating yourself up over not finishing something as you know the minute you have finished one thing something else will come and take its place.

If anything, be grateful you have pulled this card because if nothing else, the Eight of Pentacles is about practicalities within the work you are doing and not about wasting time and resources.

Work doesn't necessarily need to be paid employment - it can be anything from something you need to do, study, repairs to the house, etc. Some people enjoy this kind of work. They can sit down and get on with the job without any interference to their focus which makes for some pretty good quality time in ploughing through what needs to be done.

Others may not consider themselves so lucky to be put in this position as it does not sit well with them and they need more creative freedom to their work flow. However, if you have drawn the Eight of Pentacles it does imply that there is work about for you and it is the type of work that requires your full and undivided attention.

If this card relates to someone you are close to then you would do well to give them a wide berth whilst they get on with what it is they so desperately need to finish.

It may be boring, it may be monotonous but it needs doing and someone has to do it. If you have something on at the moment that you need to pay attention to without distraction then take a lesson from the Eight of Pentacles… a little hard work never hurt anyone.