Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles represents the initial stages of success. It makes its presence known when you have just started a fledgling business, received a small investment, a monetary gift (inheritances are possible but rarer), or a gift of valuable jewellery.

This card is a sign that your hard work will begin to pay off and you will see the first fruits of your labour trickling in. The theme of luck is very much connected to this card and perhaps you will see fortune casting a benevolent eye upon you in the form of minor windfalls, or possibly gambling luck.

At other times the Ace of Pentacles is merely a foundational card which informs you that you will have your affairs in order and can begin to build your life on firmer ground. The warning, however, is that you are being given the financial potential to create a good life for yourself. Success as yet is not assured and you cannot afford to rest on your laurels.

In the Rider Waite depiction, a hand appears from a cloud, reaching out, bearing a single gold pentacle as though this is a gift from the heavens. In the background of the scene, a topiary archway beckons the querent to choose a path and go on a journey. It is interesting to note that what is beyond the archway is unclear, which indicates ambiguous possibilities and stresses the importance of the querent’s decisive action in making the most of the opportunity being given to them.

In a love reading for established couples, this card can indicate a possible engagement or the laying of foundations for the future. Conversely, if negatively aspected, it can also signify a lack of progression and reluctance to commit. In such a case case, context is everything.

In a work or career reading the Ace of Pentacles is a highly desirable card to have appear, particularly if you are starting your own business. It predicts that you will quickly begin to see profits from your enterprise. The advice here is to be cautious and methodical in your approach, exercising prudence and scrutinising your options.

If this card is negatively aspected, it may show that initially only friends and family will take an interest in your business, out of pity, and that your plans do not have long-term viability. If you are already established in a career however, this card indicates that you might not progress as quickly as you would like in your current role and that there may be another position waiting in the wings for you.

Positive Aspect: financial gain, fledgling business, minor windfall, engagement, initial success

Negative Aspect: lack of progress, non-viable business, reluctance to fully commit