Ace of Pentacles

Seeds are being planted, and foundations are being built. Life is full of possibilities and the possibilities are endless.

The Ace of Pentacles is a card of pure potentiality, revealing abundance at its grandest and the power of the creative force within.

This card comes with a reminder to stay grounded, to be clear about what it is you are creating and to keep focus on what you want, not want you do not want.

This is a new beginning of sorts. You are laying the foundation for what is coming and you feel with all you are that this is your path. The Ace of Pentacles is your affirmation, your sign. Keep it up; you are moving in the direction of your soul.

There are times when you get lost in the dream, high up in the "what will be's". Take time every day to get grounded and stay focused. It is through your passion and determination that you will make your dreams a reality.

The Ace of Pentacles speaks to trusting in the path. Let go of the 'how' and stay clear on the 'what'. Trust that the universe is rearranging itself in this moment for you. Your thoughts are the fuel behind this, so choose them wisely. Do not worry. The next step will appear when it is time - it always does, when you let it.

You are a creative force and it is up to you to direct your energy to where you want it to go. This is your collaboration with the Divine, this is your dance with life. Be ecstatic, be sensual and keep it playful. It's supposed to be fun! Enjoy the ride.

Today's Meditation:

Sit or lie comfortably and take a few moments to relax. Follow your breath as it moves in and out of you. Soften, let go, and just Be!

Silently repeat the words, "All of life comes to me with ease, joy and bliss."

Say this for at least 10 minutes. Set a timer, try not to watch a clock.

Allow the feelings and sensations to take you over. Feel the power that rises up in you. It is delicious - enjoy!

When the time is up, release the mantra and just be still for as long as you can.