Ace of Pentacles

Wealth, abundance and prosperity are here. Money arrives for you.

The beginning of a financial leap has come. Better yet, it has come in a good way!

You have maintained good balances. You have asked for what you desire. You have asked that money come through happy work or happy means. You have envisioned money as an asset to a wonderful life.

Now you reap a beautiful reward. Because you are so careful with your values and ethics, the money will help you prosper in many ways.

When understood, money can grow and grow. Money can be a strengthener to an already happy heart and giving life. Money can finance the ways we enjoy living, sharing, and maneuvering artistically through our incarnation.

This money comes to you at just the right time in your life to be used very well. You have experienced some losses and gains. You have been true to who you are and what you came to earth to give.

You have seen that money cannot buy love but can certainly make life a lot easier. You have shared generously. Now you will receive money for a big upgrade in your life circumstances.

You can be trust yourself to balance saving, tithing, paying taxes, investing, and utilizing money with a thoughtfully happy map. You are being realistic about the present and future. You make excellent decisions.

You have been through enough this life to know what a gift money is. You have also worked hard enough to feel deeply grateful for what you are receiving. You have been generous, which comes back to you now.

If you have misused your Ace of Pentacles consciousness, you are not feeling good about receiving money because you know you won't use it well. You have made huge errors in the past. You fear you will repeat these errors. This is the time to study money from spiritual and practical viewpoints until you reach an inner equilibrium.

The Ace of Pentacles is a card of material and financial deep well-being and wealth.


Draw out a map of how you will organize your finances for a happy and full short and long term.


Focus on the joyous security that accompanies this gift from life, and from yourself to yourself via years of focused work-play. Feel the goodness in your new financial reality, long-awaited and profoundly deserved.