Ace of Pentacles

"The swiftest way to triple your success is to double your investment in personal development." - Robin Sharma

Element of earth power: The Ace of Pentacles is associated with opportunities to manifest elements of earth. It is often a powerhouse of wealth and all things material and earthly. However, in order for you to achieve material access to this realm, you need to focus on some inner healing before this card can help you manifest what you desire in the end.

The Ace of Pentacles may be related to earthly delights and self mastery. It is only self mastery that allows you the ability to achieve the manifested reality which you seek in your life path.

The Ace of Pentacles reminds one to continue planting seeds within each season of your life, and then to apply diligence and patience for the seed to sprout in the material world. Like all seeds when planted, naturally it would need to be watered and fed with ample sunlight, which is the deep insight within your mind, body and soul. This means that you consciously and mentally prepare for opportunities that may be appearing on your doorstep.

The Ace of Pentacles can also relate to stability in the life path and the ability to apply patience and diligence during emotional turbulence. This gives you the overall feeling that your life is still under your control, and that you are able to navigate even through the harshest environment. As long as you are able to be grounded and balanced, you will succeed. This applies to all walks of life!

At times of imbalance: Though the Ace of Pentacles may represent easy and/or steady prosperous life progress in your material harvests, it does give a word of warning that this happens only as long as you apply all the advice that has been presented to you in the entire suit of this deck: that you maintain balance and wholesome logic and patience in your investments, be they monetary or life. If you do not focus on the mental lessons in your life path, you may lose out on opportunities.

Medicine: What you invest within your heart, mind and dreams does radiate outwards from you and affects the immediate reality you live within.

Mantra: I manifest daily positive opportunities.